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We live in a very immediate world, people want instant answers, fast responses. How do you treat your customers or prospective customers?  According to Google: 70% of mobile searchers regularly call a business from a mobile ad search. Who answers your calls? Are people left on hold? 65% of people prefer to contact a business by phone – Invoca. Do you regularly miss calls? 85% of people whose phone calls aren’t answered will not call back – team of dedicated Personal Assistants, are professional call answerers, with 98.5% of calls answered in 20 seconds. And with a call abandonment rate of less than 0.5%. Our services; Call Answering and Virtual Receptionist, enable businesses to win on call experience. This can be especially important if you are in a crowded category like an estate agent, solicitor, tradesperson and so on.

Plus what is also really important is the effect our service can have on you or your team, in terms of productivity and stress levels. Gloria Mark’s study on distraction-prompted time found that distraction doesn’t just derail your mental progress. Which it does, for up to 1/2 hr afterward, seriously inhibiting productivity, but there are negative emotional effects too. “Our research has shown that attention distraction can lead to higher stress, a bad mood and lower productivity,” Mark wrote in the New York Times. Is a stressed individual, in a bad mood being constantly distracted from core work answering your phone calls? With us not only do your callers win on call experience, but you and/or your staff win on call experience too.

Our service is used, as an overflow/relief by many businesses, new are 2 examples below of sample customers/scenarios. 

Professionals: The Solicitor

Imagine you have decided to put an end to your marriage. You call the first solicitor, she is highly recommended, a one woman band, the calls ring out (and no response comes). A few days later you call a 2nd solicitor, just as highly recommended, a family practice. But you get a voicemail and no response to the couple you leave, you even call to their office but no one was there. You call a 3rd solicitor not as highly recommended but the call is answered, by one of our experienced Personal Assistants.

Our Personal Assistant, Mary takes your details noting it is best to call you before 1pm as the kids are in a camp this week. Mary says the solicitor in the firm, Angela whom deals with Family Law cases, will call you back as soon as possible. The following day Angela calls you at 11.30am, ready to get the ball rolling for you in relation to separation/divorce. A week later the receptionist from the 2nd practice calls you. With some vague excuse as to why your calls were missed, wondering if you would like to arrange a meeting. You don’t you have already spoken to Angela twice, and have a meeting arranged. 

Your in a very important sensitive meeting with a client, your receptionist is off sick, who answers your phone?

Tradespeople: The Plumber 

Imagine you have a plumbing issue in your house. You call the first plumber, he is highly recommended, you know his family (kind of!), the calls ring out (and no response comes), you try a few times.  The days pass and you call a 2nd plumber, just as highly recommended, but you get a voicemail. All you seem to get is voicemail having made a few calls. You really just want a timeframe on this now, it isn’t the biggest or most urgent job. You call a 3rd plumber not as highly recommended but the call is answered, by one of our experienced Personal Assistants. Jane, she advises you that currently we are unavailable for that type of work, in the short term but would be available in 6 weeks.

Then you ring the 4th “plumber”, this guy is a bit of a handyman rather than a plumber but he is available. He comes out “fixes” the issue and the problem persists, and then as the weeks pass actually gets worse. When you eventually decide to go at the issue again, whom do you call? The 3rd plumber! Why? Because he appreciated your business, winning on call experience. 

You are fixing a sink, the client is speaking with you, your phone starts ringing, what happens?


Is the action or process of differentiating or distinguishing between two or more things or people. Not only do our services facilitate this but we do so in a very cost effective way. We only charge you for the work that we do. Plus you decide when you divert your calls to us, be that on Mondays and Fridays, the 2nd half of every day, if you don’t answer your mobile or all the time. 

Why do Businesses come to us?

Because of the quality of the service we deliver, with call answering for instance the average answer time is 7 to 9 seconds for instance. With us you will win on customer experience. Operating Monday to Friday, 8.30m to 6.00pm, solidly, plus by engaging our service you remove yourself from rotas, recruitment, cover for sick days and so on. There is cost to the service we provide, comparing our phone answering service with a in-house receptionist, we would run at c30% the cost. Plus our free trial allows you to dip your toe in our services, at no cost, for two weeks. 

See you cost calculator here.

Our telephone answering services cost c30% what you would expect to pay for an in-house receptionist

We Deliver Results

Our services deliver real life benefits for customer from very simple things like deterring tyre kickers and cold callers, to improving the customer experience. While also giving our clients the opportunity to concentrate without any calls, plus no more silent voicemails or missed calls. This improves morale whatever the team size, which can have a big effect on productivity. According to Bonusly: happy employees raise are 31% more productive, raise sales by 37%, and improve accuracy on tasks by 19%. This is why most whom engage the two week free trial, stick with our services. We win on call experience, for callers and staff. 

In Conclusion

Kendlebell Naas’ provide telephone answering services that are tailored to your needs and will enable you to work smarter and win on call experience while saving you money. Kendlebell Naas – The Perfect Answer. Additionally see more blogs here, including We help businesses work smarterFirst Impressions Matter.

Kendlebell Naas - The Perfect Call Answer

Kendlebell Naas – The Perfect Call Answer

To see the benefits of our services for yourself, get the ball rolling on a Free Trial here.