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Alternative Staffing

At the moment many businesses are finding recruitment more difficult than in the past. Plus retention of staff is also proving harder. The service we provide at Kendlebell Naas, is easily accessed and we only charge for the work we do. In terms of Telephone Answering and Virtual Receptionist Services, we help businesses work smarter. More often than not saving money, increasing capacity for work and improving work life balance. Expand your staff without expanding your payroll. Rather than seeking out a new employee, why not seek out a service? Plus we do offer a 2 week free trial for Telephone Answering too! Why not let our team become part of yours?

Our services are available to all sectors, and companies of any size.


Accessing the service is pretty straightforward, we provide you with a divert number. Which you can divert to, unconditionally or conditionally (if busy, if unanswered etc.). Some providers make this more difficult than others. If a client is having difficulty we are happy to liaise with their provider plus we also provide numbers ourselves. 

Our team of dedicated Personal Assistants then become part of your team, thereby expanding your team. We will answer your calls in your business name. Following your guidance on what to do with them; deliveries go there, new sale here, and so on. Whether you want call transferring or messaging. We point messages and calls in the right direction, plus we will kick the tyre kickers to touch! Plus we can also provide diary management and process payments, if you wish. This means you can work smarter, by focusing on core client. It is an old business adage: About 20 percent of your customers produce 80 percent of your sales (see more on this here). 

We are available as overflow, relief, holiday cover or as your primary telephone answering service.

One Team

Electrolux have partnered with Kendlebell Naas for their Customer Service Desk since 2010. Thomas Lee, Head of After Sales, Electrolux Ireland said this about our services. “The quality of the service provide by the team in Kendlebell Naas has greatly enhanced our after sales package. Their PA’s work alongside our management and field service agents ensuring top class service. We have a very close working relationship with the staff including Tony Clarke which enables us to ensure our processes are fully controlled. We maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and continuous improvement – Kendlebell Naas are very much part of this.”

Teamwork makes the dreamwork!


These are the results that our team will deliver on.

No more:

  • Tyre kickers! Yes, no more tyre kickers!
  • Missed calls!
  • Distractions, when you are trying to concentrate.
  • Silent voicemails!

Enabling you to work smarter. 

Our Services & Customisation

Kendlebell Naas’ provide telephone answering services for 30% the cost of a receptionist. Plus our services are totally customisable and will enable you and your team to work smarter while saving you money. Kendlebell Naas – The Perfect Answer. Additionally see more blogs here.

Kendlebell Naas - The Perfect Call Answer

Kendlebell Naas – The Perfect Call Answer