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Servicing your customers properly? Missed Calls?

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You are having a meeting say a ZOOM meeting with a client. You forgot to silence your phone before the meeting and it rings out. Perhaps it is a customer of yours, a number you don’t recognise (new business?) or a no number, what is the right thing to do? Ignore the call? Yes, certainly, but what does that say to your client on ZOOM as to how you treat clients or possible clients? Have you done that to him or her? How often do you miss calls from clients? When you miss a call from a client or someone else, what do you know about the call? You know they rang and you know when they rang, you might not know their number. In all likelihood they did not leave a voicemail so you probably don’t know why the called, specifically.  Are you servicing your clients properly? Missed calls?

People Businesses

Kendlebell Naas, provide customisable call answering services for businesses, small and medium sized businesses to multinationals. All businesses are “people” businesses, losing even one prospective customer can be costly. Losing a current customer even more so. Whether they has issues with changing an appointment or maybe their voicemail wasn’t replied to in a timely manner, often people just want to be heard. And missed calls may be missed for a number of reasons, some of your employees may just not want to answer the phone, more on this here.

We answer calls so you can get the deal done, make the impression you want to make, give a client or possible clients the attention that they require/deserve. 

You can focus on revenue generation, we’ll answer the phones.

US Customer Service Barometer Findings

What drives a great interaction with a professional service?

  • Speed – 42%
  • Knowledge/resourcefulness – 62%
  • Pleasantness 68%

Missed calls make an impact on revenue. In the long term and the short. Customers can be very quick to punish poor service:

  • 33% will consider switching companies after just 1 bad experience
  • 60% will consider switching companies after 2 – 3 bad experiences

Handy graphic on survey findings here.

Kendlebell Naas - The Perfect Call Answer

We answer the calls and message/transfer to the right person

Don’t Drop the Ball

When it comes to efficiency and productivity, many one person operations, small and medium sized businesses, drop the ball. Instead of focusing on revenue generating aspects of the business. Often smaller businesses seem to try to focus on doing everything, thereby mastering nothing.

Kendlebell Naas’ provide telephone answering services for 30% the cost of a receptionist. Our services enable businesses to be more efficient and productive, with us budgets go further, while also improving customer experience. 

What are our primary offerings? 

  • Telephone Answering Services
  • Virtual Reception Services
  • Service Desk
  • Helpdesk solutions
  • Diary Management

Telephone Answering

What are the real tangible benefits to a first time user of our services. Firstly, availing of our services is very cost effective. Secondly, We have a team of Personal Assistants, trained to answer your calls – so no worrying about holiday cover absenteeism etc. Thirdly, you never miss a phone call. And our 2 week no cost no obligation Free Trial allows you to experience these benefits for yourself , at no risk.

In conclusion, our services will enable you  to work smarter while saving you money, Kendlebell Naas – The Perfect Answer. 

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Kendlebell Naas - The Perfect Call Answer

Kendlebell Naas – The Perfect Call Answer