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The Client Experience is Important

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People Talk (& sometimes People Walk)

The client experience is hugely important. Perhaps, more so now than in the past with the rise of the internet and less geographic regional boundaries for businesses. Looking at the 2017 US Customer Service Barometer findings, younger Americans tell on average 18 people about good experiences. Whereas they would only tell 15 people about a bad experience. Older Americans will only tell 7 about a good experience, and 16 about a bad. What is also interesting to note is men tell twice as many people as women about their service experiences.

When it comes to efficiency and productivity, many one person operations, small business and medium sized businesses, drop the ball from time to time. Attention can sometimes be pulled away from revenue generating aspects of the business. Often people may try to focus on doing everything, thereby mastering nothing. This is where Kendlebell Naas can help.

Pat is too busy, he is missing calls and losing business

At Kendlebell Naas our most basic package provides access to 3 Personal Assistants!

Covering Leave

We have a new customer who recently started using our services after their 2 week free trial. This is their story, the owner/operator of a Physiotherapist Clinic that delivers well for patients. Over the years, she has worked really hard, her business has grown substantially. As of today, there are 3 other physios working in his practice alongside her. Plus a receptionist – who is currently on maternity leave. A keen networker; a member of the local chamber and the local BNI chapter. Very involved with the local GAA Clubs, Rugby Club, Soccer Club & Hockey Club, all on-board with practice as well, as the physio service end has always been excellent.

Physiotherapist using Kendlebell Naas

Kendlebell Naas – for telephone answering, Diary Management and more!


But “Never great” to answer the phone and now with the receptionist on leave, she couldn’t stay on-top of it like she used to. This led to a couple of long-term and short-term customers moving to another local clinic. They had a negative client experience and voted with their feet. Simply because the others answered the phone. On one day in particular things came to a head; the owner had taken the day off to attend a family wedding. Phone cover had been arranged but the other physio covering was sick and calls were missed.

Kendlebell Naas have now stepped in to help in the short-term to provide telephone answering services. No more missed calls, no more lost customers. 

“…companies think they are competing on customer experience, most are losing. The good news: there is still room for companies to wiggle into the forefront of CX (Customer Experience). Customers are waiting for companies to rise to the occasion.” This Forbes article by Damien Newman features a number of customer experience surveys, see more here

Our Services

Kendlebell Naas’ provide telephone answering services for 30% the cost of a receptionist. Our services enable businesses to be more efficient and productive, with us budgets go further, while also improving customer experience. 

What are our primary offerings? 

  • Telephone Answering Services
  • Virtual Reception Services
  • Service Desk
  • Helpdesk solutions
  • Diary Management


Our team of Personal Assistants handle your calls to to your exact specifications and requirements . Our services are totally customisable.  When a call comes in we take a detailed message which is then relayed to you by email, text or both. Alternatively, calls can be transferred directly to you or your colleagues, on your Direct Dial or mobile phone number.  

The client experience is important, people do talk. As highlighted above more often about the bad rather than the good. Our call answering service will put you in their good books, if you have recently experienced some slippage. Our services will enable you to work smarter while saving you money, Kendlebell Naas – The Perfect Answer. Additionally see more blogs here, including Voicemail a Dinosaur and Outsourcing for Small Business