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Outsourcing for Small Business

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Outsourcing for small business


Running a small business is not easy and you will be faced with many challenges each day not least of which is making the sale. As business owners we use several tools to help us develop leads including networking, our website, advertising, google and Pay per click amongst others.

Thankfully, there is a wealth of information and experts available to help us to develop sales tools and strategies which assist us in achieve our targets, but one thing businesses often overlook is the importance of making sure they answer their telephone calls. Seems obvious but think about the businesses you call who do not answer the phone when you call them.


Of course, many businesses use voicemail, but It might surprise you to learn that, according to Forbes Magazine, 80% of callers do not leave a message after being sent to voicemail. Think about the sales opportunities that are missed by using voicemail and can you really put your hand on your heart and say that every voicemail message is responded to and that by the time you get back to the caller they have not spoken to your competitors.


Missing calls not only impacts your sales figures it also impacts on your caller’s customer experience and customer retention. Fergal Quinn, the successful Irish entrepreneur spoke about the boomerang principle in his book” Crowning the Customer” and getting customers to come back every time they needed groceries. The same principle applies to all goods and services. If customers have a great customer experience they come back, and part of that customer experience is having a friendly and professional voice answer your phone calls when you call.


A lot of larger businesses will have dedicated customer service departments who provide this type of customer service, but most small & medium sized businesses do not have the resources to offer this level of service or can have peak times in their business where the level of calls is impossible for them to handle internally. So, what is the answer?


Outsourcing your customer service function to Kendlebell Naas can solve this issue immediately and costs a lot less than many businesses think. You can save up to 70% of the cost of hiring a fulltime employee and you do not have to worry about PAYE/PRSI, Holidays, Lunch and Coffee breaks or unplanned absenteeism. We have it all covered.


Kendlebell Naas offer a range of services including

  • Telephone Answering & Message Taking
  • Virtual Receptionist Services
  • Service Desk Solutions
  • Enquiry Handling
  • Order Taking
  • Diary Management and appointment booking


At Kendlebell Naas we have many years of experience of handling customer service for a range of businesses across a wide spectrum of industries from retail to pharmaceutical, white goods to medical & professional services, customising our service to meet their exact needs.


Our Professionally trained PA’s work on your behalf to deliver your customer service and experience.


Not convinced that outsourcing your telephone answering will work for your business, you are not alone. Many of our existing clients were reticent about handing over their customer service to an outsourced contact centre when they spoke to us. That is why we offer all new clients a No Cost No Obligation Free Trial of our inbound services. This allows you to ensure you are dealing with a trustworthy company. To find out more about our Free Trial call Tony on 1800 844750 or visit us online at