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The advantages of using a Telephone Answering Service

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Never Miss an important Call again.

 Calls from new or existing customers are the most important calls a business can receive. Most companies spend on websites, SEO, and other marketing to promote their business but often do not answer some of their calls.

Quite often, one sale a month through your Phone Answering & Message Taking Service means it pays for itself. Using the Kendlebell Naas Business Phone Answering & Message Taking Service, when you are busy in the office and are unable to answer the phones, Kendlebell Naas answer your calls, and take a detailed message which is relayed to you instantly

Missed calls = Missed Opportunities = Loss of revenue.

Save up to 70% on receptionist costs

Hiring a Receptionist or having one of your staff multitask as a receptionist with other duties can cost over €25000 per annum. You then must factor in annual leave, absenteeism, coffee breaks and lunches etc. Having to answer calls while you are working on another task can be very distracting and break concentration levels.

Using Kendlebell Naas to answer your phone calls can save you up to 70% of these costs. We operate a sliding scale of tariffs always ensuring you are on the most cost-effective tariff each month. We appoint 2-3 personal assistants to answer all your calls in your business name, so you never miss a call. You never need to worry about staff cover for annual leave, unplanned absences etc. Our PA’s have you covered.

Free Up Time for Your In-house Team to Generate Revenue and Grow Your Business

A Business Phone Answering & Message Taking Service filters and forwards calls, so that you can screen calls during busy periods or times when you need to focus on working without distractions. We relay messages to you and your colleagues by SMS & Email so that you can react instantly to the important messages and leave less important calls until later. We even send you an ends of day summary to remind you of the messages you have received that day.

Our phone answering service can handle many of your routine enquiries, allowing you and your team to concentrate on growing your business.

 Personalised Service for Each Individual Company

Your phone answering service should be able to customise the service to meet your exact needs. You might require information form each caller such as what product or service they are interested in, they might require prices or delivery information. At Kendlebell Naas we encourage you to communicate regularly with your PA’s giving them service briefings, product descriptions and other information, which allows the agents to handle callers’ queries and without ever interrupting you in the office.

 Allows you to compete with larger competitors

Using a Telephone Answering Service can create the illusion that your business is a larger enterprise. With 2-3 PA’s answering your calls, callers can get a different PA each time they call. This creates the impression that they are sitting in your office and gives callers a sense of the size of your business.

Pay as You Go model

Your Business Phone Answering & Message Taking Service should invoice on a “Pay as You Go” model. You should only be charged for the calls they handle and messages that they relay. The costs should be variable with a low fixed cost and a range of volume related charges. Kendlebell Naas use this model for clients and we have no hidden charges.  Our website price calculator allows you to calculate the cost of the service for various call volumes. Check it out at

 Increases Productivity of Your Staff

Research shows that telephone calls are one of the single biggest distractions staff face while at work. The time wasted is not the time it takes to answer the call, it is all the time it takes to get yourself back into the swing of your work having handled the call. A Business Phone Answering & Message Taking Service can field all your calls, to allow you and your staff to concentrate on important revenue generating tasks.

 Increase your revenue.

 With time freed up for you and your staff to work on revenue generating tasks you can see an increase in sales & profit. One of our clients operating in medical services saw his busines grow by 30% over a period of 3 months. His calls used to go to voicemail when he was with a patient and using Kendlebell Naas to answer his calls and make his appointments freed up an hour a day that he could spend in front of patients. Missed Calls = Lost revenue

About Kendlebell Naas

Kendlebell Naas first opened its doors in October 2007. Since then, they have established themselves as the outsource partner of choice for a multitude of small and large business throughout Ireland & the UK. We count among our customers some of the largest companies operating in the White Goods, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Waste Disposal and other industries. We have a blend of services which we also offer to small businesses to help them compete and grow


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