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End of 1890 and 1850 numbers

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Non-Geographic Numbers (NGN) are changing

At the end of 2021, the number of Non-Geographic Numbers (NGN) will be reduced from 5 to 2. Currently the NGNs are 1800, 1850, 1890, 0818 and 076. From January, 1850, 1890 and 076 numbers will be retired. After that just two NGNs will continue, freephone 1800 and standard rate 0818 numbers. 

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Changes to NGNs will affect businesses

End of an Era

For many businesses 1890 & 1850 numbers were a cost effective way for customers to call them without costing a fortune. Many businesses have already taken steps to deal with the change, switching to 1800 or 0818, advertising these new numbers and producing new marketing material etc. This change is going to affect a many businesses and people, right the way from RTE’s Liveline to the HSE helplines.

If you need to make changes, we in Kendlebell Naas suggest you start to prepare now. As Confucius said “Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.” 


The system is being simplified by these changes, resulting in lower call costs. All 0818 calls will be part of your call bundle or cost no more than a local call. Calls to 1800 numbers will remain free to callers , with the call cost to owners greatly reduced . One of the key parts of this change, is reduced “bill shock”, you will know how much it costs to call NGNs. See more info on the changes on the Commission for  Communications Regulation (ComReg) website here.


ComReg recently urged charities to get the ball rolling on making the switch. The ComReg Commissioner Robert Mourik, also said that “There are a wide range of numbers available but there is no time like the present, as switching now will mean organisations can find their best number and unlock savings right away.” More than 5,000 new NGN assignments (1800& 0818) numbers have already been made as demand intensifies. See more here

Are you ready for these changes?

If you have an 1850, 1890 or 076 number and you would like to keep the number, apart from the pre-fix, get in touch with us. We’re check out the availability for you. Plus we could then run your new number, in conjunction with the old number for you, until the 1st January 2021. 

Kendlebell Naas - The Perfect Call Answer

Kendlebell Naas Services

The Kendlebell Team is a primarily made-up of our hard-working Professional Assistants, doing what they do best answering phones – Kendlebell Naas – The Perfect Answer. See some of our services below:

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In conclusion, our services will enable you  to work smarter while saving you money. Additionally see more blogs here.