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Kendlebell Naas will Catch your Calls

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Catch Your Calls

At the moment most trades people builders, plumbers, tilers, carpenters etc. are very busy (see more here), most seem to be booked up for the next couple of months. Many are missing calls, from current clients, prospect clients and calls from people that they do not want as clients. Having to call them back in between jobs or when you have a bit of free time is not ideal. Plus a large proportion of them want urgent or small jobs done, the kind of work that you might not be taking on currently. Why not let us catch your calls?

Conor O’Connell, Director of the Southern Region of the Construction Industry Federation (CIF). “Demand is going very high. Population growth is high, employment growth is high.” See more here. But you are involved in the trades you already know that you are busy. 

This is were Kendlebell Naas’ team of Personal Assistants come in, we will answer your calls and we will follow your guidance on what to do with them. Our team of Personal Assistants at Kendlebell Naas will catch your calls, and pass them in the right direction with the right leads going to you and the undesirable leads will get a kick to touch. Meaning no more tyre kickers!

Builders are busy, hands on people.

Our team at Kendlebell Naas will answer your calls, while you do.

In Action

How does this work in action? Phone rings and we catch your calls:

  • “Good morning Brian Doyle Plumbing, Mary here, how many I help you?”
  • “Brian is not available at the minute, can I please take your contact details?”
  • “Is there a specific job you are ringing Brian in relation too?”


  • “Brian will be in touch with you on that, you can be added to our waiting list”


  • “Apologies, Brian is not undertaking that kind of work at the minute,  he would recommend XXXXXXXX” (No more tyre kickers!)

When you are tiling and your phone rings, who answers the call?


Some people that you want to be able to ring you directly, not a problem. There are a couple of divert options which can vary depending on your supplier: divert: if not reachable (phone off or no coverage), if busy, if not answered and at all times. For call transferring we would patch/transfer the call to you. Using conditional diverting you can have every call ring your phone first before it comes to us. Either way you won’t miss out on important calls from family or friends.


No more:

  • Tyre kickers! Yes, no more tyre kickers!
  • Missed calls!
  • Distractions, when you are trying to concentrate.
  • Silent voicemails! 


Our Services & Customisation

Kendlebell Naas’ provide telephone answering services for 30% the cost of a receptionist. Our team of Personal Assistants catch your calls to to your exact specifications and requirements. Plus our services are totally customisable and will enable you to work smarter while saving you money, Kendlebell Naas – The Perfect Answer. Additionally see more blogs here, including Voicemail a Dinosaur and Outsourcing for Small Business

Kendlebell Naas - The Perfect Call Answer

Kendlebell Naas – The Perfect Call Answer