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What do we do?

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Recruiting good quality front of house/receptionist staff is a difficulty for many businesses at the moment, whether there is a lack of suitable candidates or the cost is prohibitive. Changes in the workplace in terms of hybrid and remote working has changed the environment, many offices have become fractured. From start-ups to established businesses, whether you have been around for days or decades, our services can help. What do we do? We save businesses money and drive-on productivity. Our two week free call answering trial is free, and enables you to see all the benefits! Meaning you can see the service in action, at no cost! In simple terms we are “for you” in terms of giving you and your team your time back. Enabling you to focus on revenue generation and areas where your specialise. And “for you” in that our services are universal in many ways, most businesses and business people have phones after all.

For example, we do not believe you should be spending money on marketing if you can’t handle call volume. There is no point in going to the expense of running an AdWords campaign, encouraging people to visit your website and make contact. If all the calls are going to be missed or go to voicemail. With Kendlebell Naas calls do not go unanswered. Some of our customers divert all calls to us, for others we act as overflow.

This means that no potential business is lost via missed calls. If you have a phone, if you are in business, we can help you operate more effectively. Our services are wide ranging, they are largely phone based primarily inbound calls, but we also do outbound. Diary management, form filling, payments and much more. Cost and capacity do play a part in what we do but top of it all, but really we sell time, trust and peace of mind. And it is important to remember missed calls, are lost revenue. 

What do we do? Why not outsource your call answering to us?

Our Customers

What do we do? Well, our services are customisable, we operate as directed by our customers. This means that there is variation customer to customer in terms of how we operate. 

Healthcare and Medical

Our services are customisable, we operate as directed by our customers.

  • We can book appointments for you – which includes cancelling, moving and so on, we manage a wide range of diaries
  • Take/place payments – through your website
  • Filter calls based on a set list of questions. For example in relation to a physiotherapists, shoulder issues go to Jordan, pelvic issue to Leah.
  • No missed calls

When you are with a patient, your secretary is on lunch, the phone rings, who answers? We can help.


Our services are customisable, we operate as directed by our customers.

  • We can capture all your calls 8.30am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday (24/7 also available), missed calls, are lost revenue
  • Enhance professionalism
  • Enable you to work undisturbed
  • Filter calls based on a set list of questions 
  • No missed calls

When you are tiling and your phone rings, who answers the call? We can help.

Legal Profession

Our services are customisable, we operate as directed by our customers.

  • Answer all calls, missed calls, are lost revenue
  • Prioritise who you speak to and when – call transferring
  • Capture new clients and their details
  • Professional, trained agents
  • No missed calls

Your in a meeting with a client, your receptionist is off sick, who answers your phone? We can help.


What do we do? Well, our services are customisable, we operate as directed by our customers. Whether part of a one man or one woman band or an orchestra, we can help.

  • Answer all calls, missed calls, are lost revenue. 
  • Calls dealt with as prescribed
  • Messages can be relayed by email, text or both, to individual or multiple team members
  • Professional, trained agents
  • No missed calls

Prices Free Trial

Before we talk about prices, we should mention our two week free call answering trial, no risk, no cost & no obligation. Why do we offer this? So you can see the benefits of our service for yourself. And so will can give you a solid indication of the cost from the outset. See more on the  free trial here

Now back to pricing, we price not based on minutes, but on messages, the volume of messages. This means that if you are less busy, we charge you less. We move you up and down the tariffs, depending on the volume of calls. When you engage the services of Kendlebell Naas whether opting for our call answering or virtual receptionist services, you save money. How? You don’t need to invest in hiring a full-time receptionist and all the costs that brings, generally our services cost c70% less than a in-house person (and we provide more hours!).

See our tariffs here: Kendlebell Naas Price Tariffs

See you cost calculator here.

Why do Businesses come to us?

Because of the quality of the service we deliver, with call answering for instance the average answer time is 7 to 9 seconds for instance. Operating Monday to Friday, 8.30m to 6.00pm, solidly, plus by engaging our service you remove yourself from rotas, recruitment, cover for sick days and so on. Then there is cost to the service we provide, comparing our phone answering service with a in-house receptionist, we would run at c30% the cost. Are you too busy at work? We can help. 

We Deliver Results

Our services deliver real life benefits for customer from very simple things like deterring tyre kickers and cold callers, to improving the customer experience. While also giving our clients the opportunity to concentrate without any calls, plus no more silent voicemails or missed calls. For those struggling with staffing or time in particular, we can help. Generally our services improve morale whether the team size is 1 or 20, which can have a big effect on productivity. This is why most whom engage the two week free trial, stick with our services.

Sometimes thinking outside the box brings the biggest rewards.

In Conclusion

Kendlebell Naas’ provide telephone answering services that are tailored to your needs and will enable you to work smarter while saving you money. Kendlebell Naas – The Perfect Answer. Additionally see more blogs here, including Voicemail a Dinosaur and Outsourcing for Small Business

Kendlebell Naas - The Perfect Call Answer

Kendlebell Naas – The Perfect Call Answer

To see the benefits of our services for yourself, get the ball rolling on a Free Trial here.