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Outsourcing: 6 Reasons to Outsource

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Most businesses are you looking at expanding in 2022 many will expand via outsourcing, the services we at Kendlebell Naas provide aid expansion. Who does outsourcing benefit? Outsourcing works for small one person operations right up to multinationals, contracting out operational tasks can provide a variety of benefits. Whether you are outsourcing call answering to a company like ourselves or payroll to a payroll provider. Please see 6 reasons to outsource below. 

Why outsource? 1 – 3

1. Flexibility – with the uncertainty surrounding today’s global economy, companies need the ability to expand and downsize quickly. However, that is not always possible when dealing with directly employed staff. By outsourcing, companies take that risk away. This means businesses can adapt more quickly to a rising or slowing demand.

2. Efficiency – chances are your company aren’t experts in every area that someone is employed in. Whether that is your internal IT dept, accounting, front of house or cleaning services. Recruitment can be a difficult road, companies spend weeks, sometimes months looking for “the one”. Then training begins, and there can be quite a lag until someone becomes competent. By outsourcing basic business services, companies are able to jump right to the finish line. 

3. Confidence – when dealing with staff appraisals can often be very subjective, and in many SMEs there might only be a very limited review structure. When outsourcing there is a contract, the service provider is responsible for the monitoring of staff and their performance levels.

Our team of dedicated personal assistants specialise in telephone answering. Enabling our customers to focus on their core work.

Why outsource? 4 – 6

4. Core Work – when you have staff that are knowledgeable in a lot of what you do why waste the knowledge on menial tasks? Why not let them focus on core work? Companies need as many people in the business focusing on what matters to a business as possible. By outsourcing lesser services, companies can free up time and capital to move business forward. Staff can focus on what really matters, increasing work flow and finishing projects faster. 

5. Improved Service –  believe or believe it not, why not try our 2 week free trial and see for yourself. Customer experience has become more and more important in recent years, and people have voted with their feet. Having an outsider like ourselves handling non-core business actives usually leads to better service.

6. Saving money – as the old saying goes, it is all about money. The fact of the matter is you wouldn’t outsource unless it meant saving money. The fact that outsourcing can lead to an improved service and more hours staffing is a bonus. 


Our team becomes part of your team.

Kendlebell Naas

We enable companies to expand staffing (servicing) without increasing payroll. Our telephone answering and virtual receptionist services, enable businesses to work smarter. For instance in the case of legal firms, many receptionists in practices do a lot of typing amongst other duties, typing with a phone ringing can be hugely distracting. Distraction can reduce the quality of their work and so on. The ease of access of our services as an overflow or full time can be of huge benefit to businesses in this type of scenario. For most businesses if you were to contact us today, we could expand your team tomorrow.

Our team of personal assistants answer your calls in your name.

Risk Free Recruitment

Many businesses are finding recruitment difficult at the moment. But often prospect employers have not looked at out-of-the-box alternatives. Expand your staffing without expanding your payroll. Rather than seeking out a new employee, why not seek out a service? This is where we in Kendlebell Naas come in, our telephone answering and virtual assistant service. Why not let our team become part of yours? We can provide you with access to more team members without the associated costs, risks or hassle. No recruiting and all the stress that entails. Our two week free trial for telephone answering, is essentially risk free recruitment. No risks, no obligation and no cost.

In many ways engaging our services should be viewed as a  “standard” collaboration/outsource. Check out “7 Business Tasks You Can Outsource” here or see Our Three Reasons to Your Telephone Answering here.

Kendlebell Naas vs Receptionist

In terms of available hours, our service vs a 9to5 in-house receptionist. We provide 2 1/2 hours more time a day, by finishing earlier, starting later and working through lunch. When annual leave is accounted for, an in-house receptionist works 232 days a year, we operate 252 days a year (as standard). There are certain unaccounted for costs/stresses our service removes: recruiting, training, providing equipment, a location and so on. But simply in terms of hours, for a fraction of the price, we offer via our standard service 770 hours more vs an in-house receptionist. We provide 2,394 hours per year as standard vs. a full-time in-house receptionist working 1,624 hours. Presuming they have no sick days, funerals and general force majeure during the year. 

Our telephone answering services cost c30% what you would expect to pay for an in-house receptionist

Our Services & Customisation

Kendlebell Naas’ provide 24/7 call answering, but our standard times are: Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 6.00pm. Our services are totally customisable and will enable you and your team to work smarter while saving you money.

Kendlebell Naas – The Perfect Answer.

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Our team of professional personal assistants are phone specialists.