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Choosing a Service Solution vs Recruiting

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Front of house/reception is a crucial role in many organisations. Often the first voice a prospective client, staff member or supplier hears will be that of a receptionist. Receptionists are like brand ambassadors, they don’t do any direct selling. But they can give the right first impression or the wrong one. As workplaces have changed particularly over covid, many businesses no longer opt for a front desk with dedicated staff. The approach can seem outdated and expensive. For some businesses, an in-house person might be essential, to physically meet visitors, handle the post, prepare a meeting room and so on. The services provided by Kendlebell Naas, enable companies to expand staffing without increasing payroll. But what are the realities of choosing a service solution vs recruiting an in-house staff member?

If an in-house receptionist is essential, when she/he is in holidays, what happens? Staff meet their own visitors and prepare the meeting room themselves? The post is handled by the office manager and a junior staff member? But who answers the phone? And if a in-house receptionist is not essential. Who answers the phone? This is where outsourcing to a virtual receptionist can be the perfect solution. There are many advantages, particularly when the right service is used and a long-term partnership is developed. 

In Action

What does using an outsourced receptionist/call answering service mean in action?

First Impression – calls will be dealt with in a friendly and professional way. And answered as directed by you. Calls will either be directed to the right person/departments. Or messages can be taken immediately and sent out by text, email or both. This creates the perfect first impression every time. 

Cost effective – outsourcing a receptionist rather than hiring can be highly cost-effective. The recruitment process and associated costs are removed. Along with overheads in terms of workstations and so on. Plus no one needs to train a new employee. Add on sickness and holiday cover, which is managed by the answering services. Saving clients hassle and inconvenience. 

Availability and flexibility – call answering can be put in place for the hours that benefit you. This means that a business can appear to operate extended hours vs an in-house receptionist. We operate 8.30am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday as standard. In terms of flexibility, clients choose when they divert to a call answering service. Maybe it is after your main receptionist finishes for the day etc. A 24/7 service is also available.

Additional resource – when the CEOs personal assistant is away these calls can be handled too and anyone else’s! Call answering services have the capacity to cope with high volume traffic for short (or long) periods of time.

Free trial – Kendlebell Naas – offer a two week free trial for telephone answering. Enabling you to see the benefits of the service at no cost, no obligation and no risk. 

Our team of personal assistants answer your calls in your name.

In many ways engaging our services should be viewed as a  “standard” collaboration/outsource. Check out “7 Business Tasks You Can Outsource” here or see Our Three Reasons to Your Telephone Answering here.

Time: Kendlebell Naas vs Receptionist

In terms of available hours, our service vs a 9to5 in-house receptionist. We provide 2 1/2 hours more time a day, by finishing earlier, starting later and working through lunch. When annual leave is accounted for, an in-house receptionist works 232 days a year, we operate 252 days a year (as standard). There are certain unaccounted for costs/stresses our service removes. As mentioned above: recruiting, training, providing equipment, a location and so on. But simply in terms of hours, we offer 770 hours more vs an in-house receptionist, for 70% less. We provide 2,394 hours per year as standard vs. a full-time in-house receptionist working 1,624 hours. Presuming they have no sick days, funerals and general force majeure during the year. 

Our telephone answering services cost c30% what you would expect to pay for an in-house receptionist

Our Services & Customisation

Kendlebell Naas’ provide 24/7 call answering, but our standard times are: Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 6.00pm. Our services are totally customisable and will enable you and your team to work smarter while saving you money.

Kendlebell Naas – The Perfect Answer.

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Our team of professional personal assistants are phone specialists.