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Who are our customers? Those Missing Calls!

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At the local chamber of commerce, Kildare Chamber of Commerce and various other networking meetings, one question always seems to come up. “Who are our customers?” The detailed answer tends to be a little bit longwinded. Why? Because we answer calls for such a wide range of businesses. Often it can depend on the day of the week, as our medical type clients (primarily physios and podiatrists) tend to have more calls at the start of the week. Our trades people tend to be busier at the end of the week. The short answer is anyone missing calls or anyone with a phone! 

Who are our clients? You! And you! Anyone! Everyone!

Missing calls = Lost Business

Lets be honest if you are missing calls from current customers or prospective customers you are losing business. If you want happier customers and more sales closed, call centre services can get you over that line. Overwhelmingly customers want excellent customer service, this is what keeps them with a brand. Using a call centre is not going to fix issues overnight, poof, success, no. Outsourcing your calls is not solely about saving money but improving service (see more here). You need to choose the best call centre for you, and integrate it into your business. You need to do a bit of research or maybe undertake a free trial (we offer a 2 week one). If you manage or own a business, you’re an excellent candidate for our services. In recent times staffing has become more and more of an issue for businesses too. 

Revenue Generation

When it comes to efficiency and productivity, many one person operations, along with small and medium sized businesses, drop the ball. Instead of focussing on revenue generating aspects of the business. Often smaller businesses seem to try to focus on doing everything, thereby mastering nothing. Kendlebell Naas provide telephone answering services for 30% the cost of a receptionist. Our services enable businesses to be more efficient and productive, with budgets going further, while also improving customer experience. Particularly for those businesses missing calls. 

What are our primary offerings?

  • Telephone Answering Services
  • Virtual Receptionist Services
  • Service Desk
  • Helpdesk solutions
  • Dairy Management

If you’re still asking the question “Do I need a call answering service?”, then you haven’t been listening. The answer is yes, of course. Whichever industry you work for, whichever business you represent, whatever you do – our services can and will benefit you in multiple ways. 

Phone calls bouncing around the office?

Our Personal Assistant Teams will answer your phones, so calls won’t bounce around your office anymore

The Challenge

The challenge to you as a manager or business owner is, who is the caller; the caller could be anyone. Say in the case of a physiotherapist, your time is what is of value, you provide a service. Plus missing calls reflects poorly on your brand image.

Here are 5 reasons why physios like many other businesses need a call answering service:

  • Every call is valuable (caller rang call wasn’t missed; caller had a pleasant experience, changed a appointment or arranged one)
  • Your time is valuable (no missed calls, huge time saved on admin)
  • Time is of the essence (Callers/people want instant gratification)
  • Brand image matters (“Do you know XXXX they never answer the phone!”)
  • Additional overheads cause stress (staff – lunch-time cover, holidays, sick days, management = stress)


Our team of Personal Assistants handle your calls to to your exact specifications and requirements . Plus our services are totally customisable.  When a call comes in we take a detailed message which is then relayed to you by email, text or both. Alternatively, calls can be transferred directly to you or your colleagues, on your Direct Dial or mobile phone number.  

This s what our team of Personal Assistants do.

Our Personal Assistant Teams will answer your phones


Our telephone answering services gives your employees and/or you the ability to focus on the task at hand, no more going through voicemails, missing calls, answering calls with clients present and so on. We answer your phone(s), so you can focus on what you need to concentrate on – in many cases generating revenue. Plus, no wasted time on cold calls – time wasters, cold callers, sales people are all screened, before they get to you.

The client experience is important, people do talk. Our services will enable you to work smarter while saving you money, Kendlebell Naas – The Perfect Answer. Additionally see more blogs here