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Telephone Answering: In-House vs Outsourced

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At the moment many businesses are finding recruitment difficult, and finding it increasingly difficult. Especially in relation to front of house, receptionist and admin roles. So what are the costs of in-house call answering (receptionist) vs an outsourced telephone answering service? According to indeed the average salary for a receptionist is €27,176 per year in Ireland. Based on 329 reported salaries on 19th November 2021. In terms of comparison, allowing for 20 calls a day, you would be looking at c€8,734 – 32% of an in-house staff member, if not less! Not only does our service cost much less, our standard week, is 47 1/2 hrs, Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 6.00pm. 

Think about outsourcing today and try our free trial tomorrow.

In-house Costs

There are costs borne by business of having in-house staff and replacing them: recruiting, interviewing, hiring and training are huge. CAP – the Centre of American Progress conducted a survey looking at replacement costs. The cost of a standard retail staff member, in terms of replacing one is 16% of their annual salary, or €4,348. Plus after an employer costs that money, you have to also run the risk of the employee leaving. Employee turnover is expected to be 10% this year, up from 7.5% in 2021. According to Derek McKay, Managing Director, Adare Human Resource Management (see more on this here). Or you could try our two week free trial? 

Plus there are also additional costs: the money spent on equipment they need to do their job, training, a location for them to work (a big issue with remote offices & covid decentralisation), taxes and benefits. As well as the cover required when they are on leave. Be that annual leave, sick leave, perhaps maternity or paternity leave and so on. Even little thing like whom answers the phone when your receptionist is on a break or lunch. There is a additional cost to all this as well. Be that organising cover or perhaps missing opportunities if you can’t source cover. And finally, how long does a receptionist normally stay in their position before moving on to another job? And then you’ve got to go through the process of finding, interviewing, hiring, and training another one? Or you could try our two week free trial? 

We answer calls, for the little and large, the big and small, once a day or forty times a hour, our services will increase your manpower.

The Cost

What is the cost comparison? An in-house receptionist working standard hours 9am to 5pm, 1 hour for lunch, so 7 hours a day. With 20 days annual leave, works 232 days (252 working days in Ireland 2021), €117 per day, €16.73 per hr (1,624 hours per year). Versus our outsourced telephone answering services, 8.30am to 6.00pm, 9 1/2 hours a day, works 252 days per year (24/7 is available), €35 per day, €3.65 per hour (2,394 hours).

At its simplest, our service provides 47% more time for 22% the cost (by hour). We give time back to our staff to focus on their core work. 

Our Service

We offer a two week, no cost, no obligation, no risk free trial to all new prospective telephone answering customers. Why? To let them see the benefits of our outsourced telephone answering for themselves. The trial can be easily set up here

Nearly everyone who does our 2 week free trial becomes a customer of ours.

Our team of dedicated Personal Assistants become part of your team, thereby expanding your team, increasing manpower. Plus our services are totally customisable and will enable you and your team to work smarter while saving you money. Kendlebell Naas – The Perfect Answer. Additionally see more blogs here.

Kendlebell Naas - The Perfect Call Answer

Kendlebell Naas – The Perfect Call Answer