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Telephone Answering Holiday Cover

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Kendlebell Naas provide Telephone Answering and Virtual Receptionist services to a range of clients, along with some additional services – like diary management. Our team of Personal Assistants answer calls Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 6.00pm . Whether it is Fulltime Cover, Holiday Cover or Over-flow Telephone Answering services you require please feel free to get in touch with us. We do offer a two week free trial for call answering, but businesses often opt for telephone answering holiday cover, where they pay a daily rate and then opt for the trial after. Our service is simple to use and in the simplest terms, we answer your calls when you want us too! 

We’ll answer your calls while you… swim or do anything else!


Our services are flexible. In relation to relief cover, we will provide you with a divert number and you select the times you divert your calls to us. If you want us to only answer calls 12.00 to 5.30pm, let us know and divert accordingly. Perhaps you just want calls answered on Mondays and Fridays, let us know and divert accordingly. Maybe you want us to answer your phone when you can’t answer as an over-flow service, then what you do is conditionally divert to us, e.g. after the call rings for 8 seconds on your phone.

Holiday cover is also something that we provide, which can be a really beneficial service for a business person, in terms of mental health, embracing their surroundings and just enjoying oneself. See the official website of Tourism Ireland here

We’ll answer your calls while you… swim or do anything else!

Our Services & Customisation

Kendlebell Naas’ provide telephone answering services at a fraction of the cost of a full time receptionist. Our services enable businesses to be more efficient and productive. Using Kendlebell Naas to answer your calls makes  budgets go further, while also improving customer experience. Our team of Personal Assistants handle your calls to to your exact specifications and requirements . Our services are totally customisable.  When a call comes in we take a detailed message which is then relayed to you by email, text or both. Alternatively, calls can be transferred directly to you or your colleagues, on your Direct Dial or mobile phone number.  

The client experience is important, people do talk. Our call answering service will put you in their good books, if you have recently experienced some slippage. Our services will enable you to work smarter while saving you money, Kendlebell Naas – The Perfect Answer. Additionally see more blogs here