The Importance Of Every Call

The phone rings, you’re in a meeting or perhaps in the middle of an important task or frankly just too busy to answer it. No big deal right? If they want you they’ll call back right? Right?!

Well not exactly…


We are living in an age dominated by the internet and social media with online activity influencing both our daily routines and decisions. For companies this has brought several benefits ranging from the ability to sell online and develop connections via social media to more basic features such as the provision of product information and contact details. For the modern consumer all of these are readily available at the flick of their smartphone or portable device.

Old news I hear you say. Well here’s some food for thought.

What many business owners seem to forget is that upon attaining such information the simple fact remains that the phone is still customer’s prefered point of contact! It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in good customer service is essential and for many customers, both current and potential this begins with answering their phone calls and greeting them in a friendly profesional manner.


Let’s illustrate this by putting you in a predicament we’ve all faced (at least) once in our lives – the dreaded search for a reliable tradesman. 

You search begins online, providing you with several names and numbers of tradesmen in your area. You try the first company “beep beep beep beep” there’s no answer so you hang up milliseconds before it goes to voicemail. You cross them off the list and move on to the next company. Success somebody has actually answered this time! Is this XYZ Tradesmen Ltd you ask, “yeh it is” answers an uninterested man. The company doesn’t sound professional nor does it sound interested in you as a customer so you ask some quick questions before trying the next company. Company number three is different. Upon ringing you’re promptly met with “Good morning you’re through to Ace Tradesmen. How can I help you today? Ace Tradesmen are able to provide what you need and what’s more their friendliness, professionalism and knowledge has completely bowled you over, making you abandon calling all the other companies and booking Ace in pronto!

So despite what you may think a “friendly” voicemail greeting won’t quite cut it. 8/10 customers would rather hang-up than leave a message. In this saturated market dominated by similar offerings and prices it is becoming more and more difficult to acquire and retain customers but one feature that can’t be duplicated is customer service. Its this very feature that can differentiate one company from another and serve as the differnce between sucess and failure.


Furthermore if you’re too busy working and not able to answer every call this may ultimatly cost you big in the long term. When you allow the phone to ring out you face the immediate danger of losing a sale. However the gravest danger is the fact that that sale/customer may never come back near you again – that’s because they’ve gone to a competitor who gleefully has snapped them up.

Is this something that regularly occurs in your buisness? Perhaps its something you have not even considered before. It doesn’t matter what size company you are, how many people you employ or what industry you work in – you can’t afford to miss that call and take that chance. 


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