Size Really Does Matter!

‘First impressions are everything’, yes that old adage. We hear it all the time whether it’s for job interviews, first dates or meeting the mother-in-law. It’s those first couple of minutes or in many cases first couple of seconds that will determine people’s perception of us – good, bad or indifferent! So why am I writing about first impressions today…

Well I thought it best to shine some light on an often forgotten area where it’s imperative to make a good first impression – in business!

Whether you’re a B2B or a traditional B2C business the initial impression that clients/customers form of your business can determine whether they go on to do business with you and become a regular customer. There are many factors that are crucial in this process such as your telephone/face-to-face manner, your body language and your knowledge/expertise. However an overlooked area in the impression forming process is your brand image. Does your business give an impression of a large, reliable, professional company or does it come across as unprofessional and small-time? It’s this very distinction that can differentiate one business from another in the minds of customers/clients and in highly competitive industries it can serve as the difference between success and failure.

So how does one improve or even transform its company’s image and appear larger and more professional I hear you ask? Well there are a number of ways this can be done, let’s have a look at a few…


1. The Business Address

Due to rising lease and premises costs Working from home is practical for many small buisnesses/services as the vast overheads that come with offices would simply not make it feasible to remain profitable. However using one’s home address on marketing/contact materials gives a small-scale and unprofessional image, particularly in certain industries. Furthermore advertising your home address on company products and contacts materials opens one up to a number of of security and theft dangers, notwithstanding the unprofessional image it brings. To combat this the use of a prestigious business address can tansform your image immediately. If you rent an address in a business park for example this will be the address that your customers see on all advertising/contact details. Upon viewing your address customers/clients will instantly believe that your company is located in that business park, making your business feel large and more professional than it already is.          


2. Boardroom/Desk Rental

Due to rising lease and premises costs for many businesses and professional services it is not always practical to permanently occupy an office. What’s more this can result in a number of significant disadvantages for these companies. Firstly they will not have a professional environment to conduct important meetings in – presenting an unprofessional image to current/potential clients. Secondly they will not have a distraction free workspace to conduct their work – meaning they will be prone to interruptions, with work becoming far more time consuming. However just because your business does not permanently occupy an office doesn’t mean it can’t have a professional image. Through the use of boardroom and desk rental your business can set the right first impression and boost its image. Boardroom and office spaces can be rented for the exact amount of time needed be it days, hours or even a once off. So you get all the benefits of a professional environment and its facilities whilst only paying for when you need it – bye bye long term lease!


3. Telephone Numbers – Landline Not Mobile

So you’ve acquired a new business address/office, great you’re already on the way to developing a professional and trustworthy brand image. However there is one last piece of the puzzle that you should not forget or overlook– your telephone number.

A common error that many smaller businesses and services make is using their house or mobile phone as their companies contact number. This presents so many problems. Firstly your poor family will be sick of hearing the phone ring as business calls constantly come in both during work hours and late at night too! What’s more having your children answer your business calls can be quite detrimental to your credibility to say the least. Secondly you may not be able to be at your phone all day as you are too busy working/in meetings so as a result you are missing calls and possibly sales. Thirdly whilst mobile phones are convenient what happens when your business expands? Your mobile will be constantly ringing. Are you equipped to take these calls, answer these queries and make these sales? You’re going to need a dedicated number to meet this demand. Lastly and most importantly a home or mobile phone does not look professional. It gives an instant impression of small-time and local.

Using a dedicated landline or virtual phone number can counteract all these problems and provide a large, national, established and professional image for your business. Statistics show that these numbers generate more calls from prospective clients than mobile numbers due to the image and trust they provide, allowing your business to acquire a competitive marketing edge. What’s more should your business not require a separate line just yet a virtual phone number can be ported directly into your mobile phone.  This means you get all the image benefits that come from such number without your customers ever knowing that it’s automatically transferred straight into your mobile.


In closing let’s see what we’ve discussed in action and you can decide for yourself…

Would you really let someone with this landline/address in your home buisness?  


When your new Proessional Address/Number could look like this;

Now tell me which do you think looks better?

If your company wants to obtain a Business Address, a Lo-Call Telephone Number or wishes to rent a Boardroom or Office Desk Space then look no further then Kendlebell Naas. We are conveniently located in Ladytown Business Park in Naas and can customise any of our offerings to meet your exact requirements. To enquire about these services simply call Tony on 1800 844 750 or visit our site below.