Man V Machine – The Power of a Human Touch

Let me first start off by wishing all our readers and customers a happy New Year. We hope 2014 will be a wonderful year for you and your business. Traditionally the beginning of the year is a time for reflections, resolutions and indeed predictions so we thought it best to throw one other there – in 2014 we will see the fall of the robots…and the rise of the humans!

Ok you can relax, there is no imminent uprising or battle for supremacy. However 2014 will see the continuation of one of the longest running battles – the battle for business. To win this battle you will need to take the time to listen to your customers and make them feel valued. What’s more you won’t do it with an army of robots or impersonal automated machines, you will do it through professional and personal customer service.

So let’s look at the power of a human touch and see the many features it can provide that robotic automated machines or website chatbots simply can’t:

You Can Make a Great First Impression

The initial impression that customers form of your business can determine whether they go on to do business with you or not. Whilst there are many factors that influence how impressions are formed one of the most crucial is your manner. By greeting customers in a friendly, professional manner your business has the opportunity to imbue its brand’s personality and develop a strong first impression. However when you fail to do this or opt for an automated feature such as pre-programmed phone greeting or online contact form your business misses the opportunity to wow its customers and establish that all important positive first impression.

You Can Form a Personal Connection

Connections are everything in business and once formed they can last a lifetime, generating repeat business year after year. But how does one form a connection? Connections are formed through interaction. The ability to converse with your customers in a friendly tone and make them laugh and smile is something which no automated machine or website can provide. It should never be overlooked or underestimated as most often people will do business with people they like.

You Can Make Customers Feel Special

Customers love to be loved. They want you to love them so make sure you do and make sure you let them know it! By not only answering their calls but listening to what each caller has to say customers can be made to feel valued and respected. A human voice can listen, it can comprehend and most importantly it can go above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service. This is something which an automated machine simply cannot do. It’s that above and beyond level of customer service that really resonates and ultimately leads to long term loyalty and positive word of mouth so make sure you take every opportunity to do it.

So as competition continues to intensify amongst SME’s in Ireland the most important thing you can do is be there for your customers. Be there to greet them, be there to answer their calls and queries and be there to make them feel special.

If your businesses or service is unable to answer its influx of calls or needs cover for specific times such as for maternity, holiday or out of office hours then why not let someone else answer them on your behalf. Kendlebell Naas offers an extensive range of Telephone Answering, Telephone Number and Outsourced Customer Services so our friendly PA’s can be there for your customers when you cannot. To enquire about any of our services simply call myself, Tony Clarke on 1800 844 750