Don’t Forget Your Customers This Christmas!

‘It’ll be lonely this Christmas without you to hold’, Mr Presley couldn’t have spoken truer words. Whilst we hope you have a wonderful Christmas full of monstrous dinners, unexpected surprises and obligatory pairs of socks we hope that your business won’t forget the one person that puts all that scrumptious food on your plate – the customer. .

Christmas is supposed to be a relaxing time where we can put our feet up and forget all our worries. However in many industries time will wait for no man and customers will still require the exceptional levels of customer service that they are used to receiving. It’s not just your current customers that need looking after it’s also your perspective customers too. Don’t forget you need to be there to answer their calls and respond to their queries otherwise they may look elsewhere!

The problem for most businesses is that it’s simply not financially practical to employ a member of staff to do this. And for businesses that are able to employ staff there is always the danger of bad weather affecting their ability to make it into work as well as the affects it can have to their normal service. However there is a simple solution to combat this problem and still be there for your customers – the use of a Telephone Answering Service.

Through the use of a Telephone Answering Service your business can receive holiday and emergency cover, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that your calls are being answered and your customers are being looked after.

A team of nominated PA’s can answer your calls using your business name and provide assistance, take orders or book appointments on your behalf. Should you not need a PA to speak with callers a ‘take a message’ service can also be set-up, ensuring your business is covered for any contingency. Furthermore given that such services can be set-up within minutes and that they can be used for a day, a week, a month or whenever needed there is no reason why you’ll ever have to leave your customers out in the cold again.

Next time you cannot answer your phones look no further than Kendlebell Naas to solve your problem. We provide an extensive range of Telephone Answering, Telephone Number and Outsourced Customer Services and what’s more we and can customise any of our offerings to meet your exact requirements. To enquire about any of our services simply call myself, Tony Clarke on 1800 844 750 or visit