Choosing A Phone Answering Service

Choosing the correct telephone answering service is something that can effect not only customers perceptions of you but also your profitability…


Using the right answering Service means that you NEVER EVER miss an important phone call.

Most answering services provide emergency or contingency cover, which allows you to use their services only when you need them, i.e. Illness cover, maternity leave, power outages, etc.

Using an answering service can free you to spend time on your business not in your business meeting customers, selling your product or service with the comfort that you are not missing phone calls.

Using an answering service allows you to turn off your mobile phone when you are in important meetings knowing that it will still be answered.

Using the right Telephone answering Service is very cost effective when compared to hiring a full time receptionist.

With most services you pay for the number of calls you receive. Cost savings of up to 70% are not unusual.